Bloggers Part of “the Academy” for CFDA Awards

Bloggers “who ‘have covered fashion in a significant or knowledgeable way in the past year'” are eligible to vote for the CFDA Award winners this year…they just have to ask. Bryanboy (pictured, left) and the hilariously smart writers for The Cut can have a hand in calling the shots, which could certainly stir things up, given that most bloggers are just people with a point of view and a blogspot account (this is definitely not a bad thing). I would like to see fashion be more “for the people,” which is slowly but surely happening, and this can help give things a push in that direction.

However, I’m curious as to whether CFDA Award nominees feel positively about this…especially with the possibility of 13-year-old Tavi having a say in their fates. Do you guys feel the same way as I do, or should fashion stay far away from the people and keep it’s elusive, VIP vibe?

[Source: The Cut, Bryanboy]

Serena Sams

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