Fashion Critics Pan Dw Kanye West Debut Collection

“When you try hard, that’s when you die hard” – these words so eloquently rapped by Kanye West on “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” from his Graduation album; yet, perhaps he needs to take heed of them?

The rapper turned designer debut his new collection Dw Kanye West this past Saturday at S/S 2012 Paris Fashion Week. Mostly press and fellow designers attended including Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, The Olsen Twins and Alexander Wang – yet what really set the fashion community ablaze were West’s left field designs. There were hooded sweater dresses, furs, a random metallic track suit and plenty of ill proportioned garments. As we were left scratching our heads via livestream, so were fashion’s top critics:

Fashionista’s Long Nguyen (and cofounder of Flaunt) mentions:

There were some hints of that sportswear here. It seemed that he might have rushed to put on this show without working out how to cut and merchandise the collection.

While others weren’t as nice, the Wall Street Journal’s Christina Brinkley noticed the collection’s ill fittings and artic wear for spring:

Zippers were unzipped. Snakeskin pants were metallic silver. There was a very large and furry fur backpack. For an arctic Spring/Summer 2012. Necklines plunged so precariously that they seemed a personal shout-out to J-Lo. Heavy beading – including one breastplate of a top – recalled the Flintstones. Strips of crocodile hung without reason from a leather skirt. There were lots and lots of tight leather pants.

And sadly, Lisa Armstrong of The Telegraph likened the show to a hostile claustrophobic MRI scan:

Kanye West’s fashion debut was like being subjected to an hour long MRI scan—but not as much fun. Those blanked-out books turned out to be a depressingly apt metaphor for this entire stupendously vacuous enterprise. Even those actresses turned designers, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen sisters struggled to look engaged.

We argue Kanye West is good at many many things. Although fashion designer? Er, maybe he should enroll in Central St. Martins before late registration.

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